FreeLance  Work 

My favorite part of having done freelance work with Tiny Home Tours is learning about other people that also live on the road. I end up relating so much to others with a minimal lifestyle, it just becomes effortles when putting together there story. 

Cinamatic Edits 

The first video in the row was a sort of intro out west-inspired piece that I made right when we left our home in North Carolina to travel the country. 

The Second video " Coffee Grounds" was a short film I directed at SCAD when I was 17 it was a little cliche but I had so much fun with the equipment that we were able to use and learning what it's like to try to communicate your storytelling to the 40 people helping you. 

The last video is called " Praia Escondida " when I made this video I was trying to showcase the Beauty of the place we were in at the time and it goes to show how my editing can be used for marketing or showcasing a location to the greater public as an attraction. 

The " UTAH" Video is a film I made for my mom on our Mom and daughter's trip to Sundance. We had a lot of fun and I took some aspects of films I watched during Sundance to produce this short video. 

Animated / Abstract work 

Vlog Style Edits