​My passion as a photographer and video creator stems from my love to tell stories. I've always loved interpreting what I feel and what I believe in through film and photographs. Strolling through museums and examining other people's work and sort of vicariously living through their eyes is my way of understanding others. I feel like everyone's story can be interesting you just have to know how to interpret it correctly. Originally from Brazil, but now living on the road my life always feels full because of the people I meet and the stories I collect. I have 9 years of Adobe Premier experience as well as 5 years of experience with lightroom. Art design or even Marketing design is also something I have focused on in the past and would love to work with new projects in this field. At the end of the day, you can always expect me to go above and beyond for a freelance project because I simply love what I do. If you are reading this feel free to reach out through my contact form or my email for project ideas or anything else you would need some storytelling help with. 

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